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Buttons available through 3/03/2022
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"History is the memory of the human race. Just as a person with amnesia would have no sense of who they are as a human being, the person who knows nothing of the past is cut off from their identity and has no idea why things are as they are. When we learn history, we PARTICIPATE in that memory , and we see ourselves as part of the story of the humans, the biggest story of them all."

-J. A. Miller

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Manhattan Irish Fest

​March 4th & 5th, 2022

​Manhattan, Illinois  U.S.A.

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Buttons are $10.00 each in advance, $15.00 at the door


Buttons also may be ordered through the elementary and middle schools during the week prior to the fest.

Please note: Strollers will not be allowed in the entertainment tent. A stroller park will be just outside the entrance.

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Buttons are $10 in advance

and $15 at the door.

Manhattan - Elwood Library

Times Square Tobacco

Manhattan Village Hall

​Roadhouse 52

​Manhattan Park District

Agave Azul

​State Street Auto


Admission to ALL festival activities, as well as the festival grounds, requires each visitor to have an admission button.  Children under 7 are free, when accompanied by an adult with button(s).