"History is the memory of the human race. Just as a person with amnesia would have no sense of who they are as a human being, the person who knows nothing of the past is cut off from their identity and has no idea why things are as they are. When we learn history, we PARTICIPATE in that memory , and we see ourselves as part of the story of the humans, the biggest story of them all."

-J. A. Miller

The Irish American Society of County Will

The Village of Manhattan



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​Manhattan Irish Fest is comprised of a 100% volunteer force. 

Without the efforts of these individuals, the Fest would not be possible. 

We would love for you to join our group and help make Manhattan Irish Fest even better!

Since 1995, Manhattan Irish Fest has donated

over $264,000 in profits to many different  organizations.

Please -- No trespassing on Metra property -- Use approved crossings only.

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Volunteer Check-In is at 235 State St.

​Use Rear Door

Want to get involved?

Bring your talents to this

amazing group of volunteers

Manhattan Irish Fest

​March 1st & 2nd, 2019

​Manhattan, Illinois  U.S.A.